School Snow Closing Policy

In case of any signs of snow or ice, please use the following methods to keep you up to date on our status:

- You can log on to the Christ Memorial Lutheran Church and School website at

- You can tune in to NBC Channel 10. Our school will be listed individually by name at the bottom of the TV screen. You are also able to access the information via the Channel 10 web site, Once you sign up on this web site, delays and closings can be sent to your computers, pagers or cell phones!

- In most cases we follow the West Chester School District decision on school closing, however, the final decision is ours. Please check the website and/or TV.

Please note: If West Chester has a TWO-HOUR DELAY, our morning preschool classes and Enrichment will be cancelled. For the preschool classes, everything after 11:30 will be held as usual. The day will begin with lunch at 11:30 and all afternoon classes will be held (this includes Extended Day and Enrichment classes). If afternoon classes have to be cancelled, this will be posted on the website and on TV. For the Kindergarten classes - if West Chester has a two-hour delay, Kindergarten will come to school at 11:00am and stay until 1:00pm. (Bussing will be available when there is a two-hour delay. Great Valley will pick up students two hours later than usual. West Chester will pick up students two hours later and bring them home at the regular time.) 

Please, in case of any signs of bad weather, use one or more of the options above to check the status of Christ Memorial. Please do not call the church or school office until you have tried all of the above options. Also note that on days with any sign of inclement weather, when school is not yet closed, we MUST be able to locate you on a cell or emergency number! Many times the weather changes suddenly and we are forced to close school. Thank you so much!

Four snow days for each class period are allotted without make-up. As listed in our handbook, snow days beyond four will be made up at a later time. Please keep in mind that attendance is completely optional on snow days and we urge you to use your own discretion - keeping safety in mind first! 

Revised February 2017