Processing your own Background Check

For Volunteers Only

Any questions, please contact the Church Office or 610-644-4508

Many local churches are adding safety measures to their programs, and Christ Memorial is no different! Caring for the well-being of the children will always be a priority of this congregation. Additionally the Commonwealth of PA has passed legislation mandating procedures for those who work or volunteer to work with youth and children. Please note that all adult volunteers (18 years and older) who work directly with children must have clearances on file in the church office. Our hope is that you will continue to serve the church and the children knowing that these laws have been enacted for the continued safety of our children.

Clearances are now good for 60 months (5 years). Volunteer clearances can not be use for employment but clearances obtain for employment can be used for volunteer opportunities. Make sure you keep your clearances in a safe location. Given the opportunity to download your clearances to your computer, you should do do. This will give you the ability to print out your clearances as needed.

Step 1

Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Record Check (Act 34)

(click here if you would like to see the form)

a. Go to

b. Select New Record Check (Volunteer Only)

c. Follow the online instructions (no charge)

d. Print and forward copy of result to the church office

Step 2

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Record Check (Act 33)

(click here if you would like to see the form. It is recommended to review the form ahead of time as the system will time out if you are taking to long to fill out the form online)

a. Go to

b. Select Create a New Account

c. Follow the online instructions (no charge)

d. After receipt of confirmation email, login

e. Follow the online instructions for volunteers

f. Print and forward copy of results to the church office

Step 3

Affidavit of PA Residency

(If you have not lived in Pennsylvania for ten years, skip Step 3 and proceed to Step 4)

a. If you have lived in Pennsylvania for the last 10 years, click here and print out the form.

b. Sign and date the form, make sure it is witnessed and return to the church office.

c. You are now finished. Do Not proceed to Step 4.

If you have not lived in Pennsylvania for the last 10 years, you must complete the Federal Criminal History Record Check from FBI (fingerprinting check) - Step 4

Step 4

FBI Fingerprinting Check

a. Pre-Enroll for your FBI Fingerprint Clearance on the IdentoGO website: click on “Schedule or Manage an Appointment”

1. Please enter the code 1KG6ZJ, which indicates that you area volunteer.

2. Complete all steps of the registration process. Under “documents”, please make sure to select an identification document you own that will serve as your official identification.

3. Print your receipt from this transaction that includes your Universal Enrollment ID (UEID). You will need this receipt both for your fingerprint appointment and your final processing appointment; do not lose it.

b. At the end of the pre-enrollment transaction, you will be asked to make an appointment to be fingerprinted at an available location. You can look up the nearest location at:

c. On the day of your scheduled appointment, please make sure to bring your receipt from the pre-enrollment, the identification documentation you selected to confirm your identity, and a form of payment.

1. Please make sure that your legal name exactly matches the name on the identification.

2. For payment, IdentoGO locations accept business check, money order, or a credit card. The total cost of the clearance is $21.35, and there is a $1.00 processing fee for credit cards.

d. You will receive an email from PASafeCheck ( within 10 business days. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU PRINT AND SAVE THE CLEARANCE AS YOU WILL ONLY HAVE ONE CHANCE TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE YOUR RESULTS! YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PAPER COPY IN THE MAIL. Email or bring a copy to the church office.