Senior Pastor  Fred Hoover

I am just a normal guy from New Jersey who has been saved by an incredibly loving God. The fact that God gave His Son, Jesus to die for me is the thing that motivates all that I do as a husband, father, and pastor that is worth anything. It still amazes me that God would give me new life and that makes me want to tell everyone that God's gift of Jesus is for them as well.

So, God takes this ordinary guy who is obsessed with guitars and heavy metal and totally changes His life. It was while I was working in a warehouse and playing in bands that God got a Bible into my hands. As I read about Gods's love for me - His Spirit did His work. Before I know it I believed in Christ as my Savior and got super involved in a great local church. All this led to me studying to become a pastor.

I did my undergraduate work at Concordia College in Bronxville, NY (just outside of NYC) and seminary at Concordia Seminary in St Louis, MO. While at Seminary, something really incredible happened - I meet my beautiful wife Darla. Our family continued to grow as the Lord blessed us with our three amazing kids, Jacob, Katie, and Matt. Together we moved all over the country, serving churches in California, New Jersey, and Indiana. In November of 2014 we moved to Malvern PA (just west of Philly) and our adventure continues!

I love the people of Christ Memorial and this community. It is my constant prayer that we would bring this incredible message of Jesus to everyone. The greater Philly area is awesome and I feel right at home in my Eagles and Flyers jerseys! I also still love playing guitar, eating good pizza, watching cool movies, and listening to as much music that I can! I pray that our community of faith can be a place that helps you and your family. May God's love encourage you!

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