Missions Flowing from CMLCS

Here at Christ Memorial we support a wide variety of missions and outreach.



These are the Guidelines for our Mission Giving at CMLCS:

  • Spread the Good News of Jesus
  • Tithe congregational giving - at least 10% of all collections support God's Work outside of CMLCS
  • Support District & Synod
  • Give entire Advent & Lenten offerings to Missions
  • Support Missions where members are in active participation


A look at some of the guidelines as of January 2022

Congregation Tithe

We have exceeded 10% of congregational income given to Missions.


District and Synod Support

CMLCS has given monthly for these ministries.

Advent & Lenten Offerings

All of our offerings at Advent and Lenten services go to support other Missions including:


Orphan Grain Train


Good Works

Young Lives       

LWML Eastern District Mission Fund

Liberian Lutheran Church & School (Pastor Zogar)

Missionary Pastor Gary Schuschke (Frankfort, Germany)

Pastor Art Boone at Hispanic ministry in Baltimore

BEE Liberia

On-going Quarterly Support for:

Support for Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries (PLM)

Missionary Pastor James Sharp in Uruquay


Salvation  Army Food Pantry  - Food and supplies collected the 2nd Sunday of every month and delivered to West Chester by the members.