Weds Night Service for Lent!

Facebook Live 7PM

Join us on FACEBOOK live every Weds Night  at 7pm for special services during Lent.  We reflect on our need for God's love and forgiveness as we follow Jesus!

BEING CHALLENGE is under way!

That's right, for the next 40 Days we will be challenged by God to follow Jesus and live like Him! It's called the Being Challenge and books are available at church in Malvern PA or you can purchase a physical or digital copy at

Tuesday launches the first of our evening Being Challenge small groups online.  There are gatherings on: Tuesdays @ 7pm.

Weds Nights @ 8pm

Thursday Nights @ 7pm

Scroll down to events section below for links to join those online gatherings. 

There are also ways for the kids to get involved.  The younger kids and High School Youth are meeting on Sunday Mornings on Zoom at 9:45am - get the link below in the Events Section.

Next Outside Communion is scheduled  for Saturday, Feb 27 @ 10am

Join us out in front of the church building at 10am for a brief communion service! During these Winter months we may have to cancel due to extreme cold, ice, or snow.  Watch this website and our Facebook page for updates. 

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The Follow Through

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Follow Through – Week of Feb 14, 2021 

Following Through on Following Jesus Every Day!

Check out our You Tube Channel - Christ Memorial Lutheran Church & School for videos.


Monday – Matthew 7:24-25 - Why do we hear the Word and often fail to do what it says?


Tuesday – Genesis 2:18 – Why is it not good to be alone?


Wednesday – Luke 24:48-49 – What has God shown you in His Word that He wants you to bring to others?


Thursday – Luke 6:12 – Why is prayer such a vital part of our life in Christ?


Friday – Mark 1:35 – What is the biggest distraction in your life right now? Is it keeping you from time with God?


Saturday – Hebrews 10:25 – Do we really need the other people at church? Why or why not?



Some questions to talk about this week:


v  What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?

v  This week, take some time you pray about what your life is focused upon?

v  How is your prayer life? What needs to change?

v  What do you need to take a break from so that you can really focus on God’s call on your life?

v  How can we pray for you?


Did we mention that you can watch a Video of the Daily Follow Through? Go to our YouTube channel HERE

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